Siglo Ashtrays are the ultimate fashion accessory to your cigars, bringing the unique and modern design to the enjoyment of cigar. It is perfect for any setting, at home or for the office. It also makes a great gift item.


Every Siglo Cigar Pouches are elegantly made by a master craftsman. Their fine craftsmanship and skills are visible in the fine stitching and smoothly finished interior and exterior. The Siglo Cigar Pouch performs as pocket humidors in protecting your fine cigars. Each pouch can hold 2 or 3 cigars depending on ring gauges. It is available in 2 styles - leather cigar pouch and wood cigar pouch. The Siglo Cigar Pouch is a convenient and perfect cigar carrier case for a few sticks of cigars.


Siglo Cutters are made of high quality stainless steel blades. The blades stay sharp and make a perfect cut every time. The cutters are lightweight and small enough to fit in any pocket. It is designed to fit precisely in the cigar smokers' hand during the cigar clipping process. The objective of the cut is to create an ample and smooth opening for smoking. This allows you to draw evenly, which in turn creates an even burn. The surgical stainless steel blade used allows you to do this without causing damage. These luxurious cutters are made to function exactly as expected every time. The cigar cutters are so well made and designed to last.


Siglo humidors are made with premium Spanish Cedar Wood. These humidors are handmade in every stages of production. It provides perfect environment for proper storage and aging of your beloved cigars. Owning a Siglo humidor maximizes your smoking pleasure. From the aromatic Spanish Cedar Wood interiors to their fine handcrafted exterior wood finishes, each is unmatched in terms of quality and value.


Siglo lighter is the prefect lighter for a cigar. It has outstanding quality and design at affordable prices. Each lighter is built with fine and superior craftsmanship, with special attention to details. The lighters are beautifully designed and have elegant finishes. Siglo Lighter is among the best lighters available with outstanding performance. It is sleek, beautiful and reliable. All SIGLO lighters pass the ISO 9994:2005 standard, and provide one year manufacturing/ mechanical defect warranty.

Golf Accessory

Siglo golf accessory series offers an innovative and pragmatic golf collection including Siglo Cigar Tee and Golf Umbrella. All accessories are specially designed and tailor-made to cater for special circumstances on the greens. They are the tools that can complement and support you while you are golfing, and puffing your favorite cigar. Siglo golf accessories are handy and unique. They make perfect gifts/ prizes for golf fans and golf tournaments.

Cool Stuff

Siglo Accessory has now expanded to men's accessory that includes cufflinks, watches, pen and more. It is a brand new collection under Siglo. Our principle is to create men accessories that are stylish, sophisticated and functional. Best materials will be sought throughout the world and made in Asia & Europe, under stringent quality control. Be Cool, Be Different, Be You.

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