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Mahjong No.1

This is the first SLB (Slide Lid Box) SIGLO Mahjong No. 1 set ever created. But NOT made in Havana, Cuba. 

Cigar symbols are represented on the custom-made Mahjong tiles: the burning end of a cigar is engraved on the circle tiles, and instead of a sparrow, a tobacco plant is engraved on the 1 of the bamboo suit. A secret drawer in the box opens to reveal a space to store 4 sticks of cigars, one for each player, a lighter and a cutter. Each Mahjong set comes with 144 engraved tiles, two spare blank tiles, three dice, a wind indicator and a East seat indicator. A black canvas bag is also available for your convenience to carry it around.

This is the perfect companion for cigar and mahjong aficionados.

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