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We provide a 1 year product warranty that covers manufactory defects with proof of the original invoice which is issued and sent together with the parcel. Manufacturing defects refer to technical problems occurred during the course of production, that are not caused by human. Any cracks, scratches, punches, splits and damages due to human negligence are not applicable and will not be covered by the product warranty.

Humidifiers and digital hygrometers that do not work, owing to manufacturing defect, can be exchanged and replaced at SIGLO Online Shop as per warranty period of 1 year. Delivery charges on defective humidifiers and digital hygrometers sent back to us will be borne by you while the delivery charges on replacement products sent back to you will be covered by SIGLO Online Shop.

You will be liable for delivery charges if products need to be sent back to the original factory for repair and parts replacement during the warranty period. Some products may demand repair charges, accountable to you.